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Amazon A+ Content


Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an Amazon feature that enables brand owners to expand product descriptions with visually rich content. This feature allows brand owners to showcase their brand and better convey the value of each product to help customers make informed buying decisions.

Why should you implement A+ Content?


Sales Growth

Statistics show that A+ Content increases sales on Amazon by up to 10%.


Visibility and Conversion Rates

A+ Content significantly increases visibility and leads to higher conversion rates as well as cross-selling effects.


Customer-centered A+ Content

Enhanced Brand Content helps your Amazon customers to understand your products better and to see all relevant USPs at a glance.

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What can you expect from us?


Unique A+ Content Design

We will create unique A+ Content that is individually adjusted to your respective product.

Customer-centered Structure

We structure your A+ Content in a way that it catches your customers' attention at exactly the right spot.

Fully responsive A+ Content

Based on the fact that approx. 80% of online purchases are conducted via a mobile device / smartphone, we will only deliver content that is fully responsive and looks perfect - no matter which device your customer uses.